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About Us

We are a local web and software solutions company located in Vaughan, Ontario just north of Toronto founded in 2012. We help small to mid-size businesses to have a web presence and get the most out of the internet technologies besides providing them with the ability to transition to the cloud and getting the most benefits for their business from the internet and social media.

Our Services

Search Engine Optimization

Every business needs to have an online presence. While having a website would have been sufficient about a decade back, owing to internet marketing and the evolution of search engines, it has become imperative to market a website as well.

Mobile Application Development

Seeking Mobile Application Development in Vaughan? You’ve come to the right place! Mobile apps are an important asset for many businesses and individuals nowadays. Users are now accessing the web via their mobile device—

Web Hosting

Are you fed up with so called “support centers” located in other countries? Are you frustrated from talking to someone who is reading from a script without any technical understanding and has a care factor of zero? At AKRONS Web Development our commitment to you is customer satisfaction.

E-Commerce Development

Is your Business Looking to Get Involved With E-Commerce? If you have a Brick and Mortar business you should start thinking of having E-Commerce to support your business. Having professionally designed E-Commerce is important to grow your business and to increase your sales as you cannot be available 24/7 to serve your customers while your E-Commerce can!

Web Marketing Services

Web marketing is a powerful business tool and almost all businesses need it to market their websites. Today it is very important to have your website listed on the first page of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo as it is unlikely for your potential customers to navigate to page 2 and 3 if they did not find your website on the first page.

Content Management System Implementation

ADo you want to have your own website but are afraid of being unable to update it, due to lack in web design knowledge? Do not sweat it! Now with Content Management Systems (CMS) you can easily update and manage your website.Content Management Systems are built to help people,

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