Need a Mobile-Responsive Website?


The urge for having Mobile Responsive website increased in the last few years as the number of cell phones and tablets users increased and almost every single family has between 2-5 mobile devices between cell phones and tablets.

In order to browse any website properly on mobile devices (small screens), that website needs to be mobile responsive so the size of its contents (text, images, etc…) will adjust automatically to fit the small screens. Not only that, if you have installed some other components like images sliders, live chat, input forms and other interactive components, these components will also need to be modified to become mobile responsive.

 If your website was designed many years ago you might notice that the number of your visitors declined recently and the reason is because large number of your website visitors used to use PC or Laptops to browse your website and today they are using mobile devices and can’t browse your website properly as it is not mobile responsive.

We encourage each one who has a non-responsive website to upgrade it to responsive one for the reasons mentioned above.

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