Why is it so important for your business to be on page one of Google?

Google is the world’s largest online search engine. It is a very helpful resource for all and sundry. While billions of people around the world use Google to find out some information, to get offers and deals, to get access to relevant websites and to satiate their myriad quests, the online search engine is also a powerful marketing tool for businesses.
Google is the primary source of website traffic. In pre-Google era, people would get to know of a website from their friends, classifieds, advertisements or business cards and then enter the website address or the URL directly onto the address bar of the internet explorer. Today, in the post-Google era that is not the case. People simply check for relevant information by typing the relevant words, keywords, onto Google’s search bar. Even if a person happens to have your website address, she or he would still do a quick Google search.
Now, here are the reasons why being on page 1 of Google is important.
• You need traffic to your website. How would you get traffic to your site? If you can appear on the first few pages of Google which internet users would come across and click on. But we all know that a huge majority of internet users, do not get past the first page of search engine results and even if they do check out the second page or third page, they are unlikely to click on those links. Thus, you need to be on the first page of Google so you can get the desired traffic to your website.
• The second reason is exposure. Even if people do not click on the link to your website that is displayed on the first page of Google, which may be for a specific reason, your website would still get displayed and the internet users would come to know of your company and your website. Over time, your website would get to reach out to millions of people and that exposure is precious.
• Third, among many other reasons, your website and your company would appear to be credible if you are on the first page of Google. There is a perception among internet users that results on the first page or the first few pages are relevant and quality links. Thus, your website or company becomes more credible in the eyes of the internet user.


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